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Jill McFadgen is professional, caring and experienced. I’ve been a client for many years and appreciate the therapeutic and relaxing massage Jill provides. Her calm and comfortable space offers a more personal experience than a spa or hotel environment.

- R. Reiter

Jill has provided me with some of my favorite hours spent in Key West! She has a way of providing treatment that is custom-made! Jill always asks if there is a particular area or problem she should work on. Her expert knowledge and technique allows her to treat what ails you. Not only do I love how she makes me feel, all our children sing her praises!

- Barbara Corns

I have been fortunate to have Jill as my massage therapist for many years. Regular visits with her have kept my funky frame aligned and greatly reduced the pain associated with my chronic condition. She is thoughtful, compassionate and professional.

- Sarah Midyette Fuller

Jill’s healing and grounding therapeutic work have helped me physically, and energetically through the years. She is super knowledgeable and I feel safe, and supported every time I come. I highly recommend her.

- Sofia Artola

Being on Jill’s table is a highlight of my week. Her deep knowledge of the body, each individual body, provides me comfort and a sense of balance. She listens, and brings her compassion through her hands to provide healing and restoration.

- Wendy Gerber


For more than a decade I've had the pleasure to have had Jill's healing bodywork. Always the professional, Jill has incredible intuition. Along with her advanced training, her instincts are consistently spot on. With complete faith in her abilities, I continue to send friends and family to have bodywork done.

- Eric Anfinson

I have gone to Jill for many years and cannot say enough wonderful things about her. She has helped me tremendously through my pregnancies and in the postpartum recovery. I also brought my infant daughter to Jill to help me when we were having breastfeeding challenges. She is an incredible support and intuitive healer.

- Ashley Maxine Kamen

Best hands on the island!

- Evan Corns

Jill has not only partnered with me in improving my health, but she has supported my entire family for years. Her knowledge of the human body is extraordinary, and she truly listens. Before becoming a foster parent I would see Jill on a regular basis for my health needs. Then when a baby was placed in my home, she worked with the baby and me to address his needs.

Currently all 5 of my children see Jill, and she supports their healing on all levels, and helps them find peace and comfort within. I struggle at times to explain all of her many talents, so I usually say... just give her a call, or shoot her a text, and have a conversation. You will not regret the decision.

- Arianna Nesbitt  


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